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Interesting design . . . The "Vardo"

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One of the members of our Land of Lincoln teardrop chapter (Rick) is building one of these . . . it will be unveiled at our April 2010 season kick-off in Sheboygan Falls :)

(hard to believe we'll be camping in 3 months :shock: )

I'll be sure to take pics AND ask about the gas mileage . . . . :grin:
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Yes . . . this should be interesting :?

I can't imagine towing the thing (canvas top) without it inflating !!

This is starting to become more prevalent amongst the hardcore T&TTT crowd (teardrops and tiny travel trailers).

They build a teardrop or two and then head into an exotic design (possibly out of boredom) . . . Rick, the guy building it, is a superb craftsman . . . he built a fantastic Benroy Teardrop that was really, really nice. The Vardo will be his second build (I think)

Another example of a T&TTT departure - (Hoosier chapter - Indiana ;-) )
(if there are small children in the room, you may want to cover their eyes)

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If I were a Basque sheep herder that would be the trailer for me!
I thought you told everyone at the last campout you were a Basque sheepherder . . . . :cheerleader:(which explained "shirley" the sheep that you brought along and why you ditched Richelle . . . )
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