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I've just finished looking at 'all & latest' Honda Element's TSBs and there are somethings you may or may not know but I think they are rather important and should be posted in the TSB Sections.I beleive I counted something like 40 TSB's in total.

First, and foremost, are you aware that Honda has instructed its technicians to replace the transmission of the vehicle with a "REFURBUSHED or REMANUFACTURED" one when any internal transmission problems arise?

Well, what happens if you have a month old E and some tragedy happens to the tranny. When you take it in to get repaired (with a 1 month old tranny, you expect repaired with new parts), "viola" it is now a replacement part, a remanu-refurb part a that - from who knows where, and what scares me is who knows WHO REBUILT it.

Also, there is a TSB about the Air/Fuel sensor malfunction for the early production models, I think it affects those with the VIN, last digits, 0006500 and earlier. I'll get all the details, as soon as tonight/tommorrow.
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