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Interior LED Light Kit

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Has anyone installed an interior led light kit? If so, did you buy the components separately and make your own kit or buy a whole kit which came with everything?

I was trying to figure it out on Super Bright LEDs web site but ...

I saw this on ebay:

The seller has different kits and colors. I like that it comes with everything, can wire it all together and have one switch to turn them all on.
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It might not be a bad deal after I went through all that I have with LED interior installing. I know I spent more than $53.

Only thing to keep in mind I would add is that with individual or strip LED installation, you can add or subtract lights to give you the intensity level in certain areas, AND you can adjust where the light is thrown with more numerous, lower output bulbs.

Does that help?

I too have more lighting ideas, but it has been too cold, and I have been backcountry skiing every chance I get..... no time to tinker with the E.:-D
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