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Interior LED Light Kit

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Has anyone installed an interior led light kit? If so, did you buy the components separately and make your own kit or buy a whole kit which came with everything?

I was trying to figure it out on Super Bright LEDs web site but ...

I saw this on ebay:

The seller has different kits and colors. I like that it comes with everything, can wire it all together and have one switch to turn them all on.
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superbight is a good place. Also as well. You might want to look into a multi color kit so that you can change them. I run an flow lighting inferno UB V1 kit with 4 1ft tubes on the interior that all plug in to one controller. Yes it is more money but you will get the quality from it also. I have been through a lot of cheap glow and they wear,malfun, or just plain break over time. I have owned this same kit for 4 years now and is being isntalled on the 3rd vehicle with no problems.

Just depends on your budget and tastes.
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