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Interior Rust

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does anyone have rust underneath the side and subwoofer panels? i took of the side panels to paint some of the trim pieces and noticed rust. i just bought this used element not even two months ago. i saw the carfax and it was only one owner in illinois. is this rust normal or did i just buy a freakin lemon?


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Flood car? Or they hosed it out a few times.
I have the same thing. The metal supports in the dash on my '05 Civic and old '91 Civic were the same as well. Moisture and air are bound to get in the car some way right? No worries, it's normal.
hey thanks a lot. i feel relieved.:)
Welcome by the way

Since these parts do not have any paint it would seem perfectly normal for them to have surface rust caused by the moisture contained in the air. I noticed this when I had my seat removed to replace the bushings. Not to worry.:) Also, welcome to the EOC.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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