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Interior Space - Kudos to the E

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I haven't had the need to transport many big items in the Element lately, but tonight brought up a good opportunity. And, I just had to post about it. We are expecting another good winter here soon in the Midwest and we just picked up a snow blower tonight. This isn't a small snow blower, either. It's a BIG one for our BIG driveway. JuliE took one of the seats out and met me at work with the E. That left me with only one daughter to transport so we took the other seat out and I left it at work.

With both seats out, there is SO much room back there. The guy who helped me load up the fully-assembled snow blower said he was shocked when I pulled up. He had no idea that there was so much space back there. He and I easily loaded it up and closed the back.

If you are looking at SUV's and unsure about the Element, carefully think about the times you may need to transport something. No CR-V is going to do what we did tonight. The Element is a great, capable utility vehicle and I'm still very happy we have ours more than 5 years after the initial purchase.
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Good to hear you are still enjoying those E moments! I still love going to the lumber yard or a furniture store and hearing "That can't fit in there,can it?"
BTW what kind of snow blower did you procure? I just upgraded to an 11.5 hp Cub Cadet last winter and I'm getting tired of the chute controls freezing up.:-(
Traded an "E" for an "E"

Before I purchased my Element , I had an Ford Econoline , which was used for work (construction) until it was stolen and the reason the element was chosen was for its LARGE cargo space ! I've had more things back their then you could imagine ! 2 - 3 ton a/c units , still in the box ! Now I just haul my tools around back their , and 20 mpg , didn't get that in the econoline !
+1 for space

Day after camping I got a call from a guy I work with to come pick up the hitch mount bike rack. I was at work and the time frame was such that I couldn't unload any non-perishables before I went to his place. So with the majority of my (and my wife's) camping gear still inside, I put the hitch mount bike carrier in and a couple of sets of spare wheels and myriad other parts.
I LOVE the E's available space.
That's so cool! I'll be putting a snow blower back there pretty soon, though not quite as big as yours. :)

I've loaded two Samsung 46" LEDLCD TV's in there. Should have seen the Best Buy guy's jaw dropped. For a second time, an FJ Cruiser owner was impressed and commented on how "huge" the interior is. The first time was in an office parking lot. An executive of a nearby company who owned a new FJ Cruiser approached me and asked to have a look inside my E. When I invited him to sit inside, his remark was, "It's like a cavern in here!" He asked if we could trade, I said, "No, unless you're willing to keep making the payments on the FJ." Made my day. :-D
As we speak I have 2 large night tables and 3 end tables in the back of my E and I only had to fold the seats to the side. Most amazing vehichle that I have ever owned.
I will be doing the same thing during lunch today. Picking up a 24" 2 stage snow thrower from Home Depot. Hopefully they still have them in stock.

I have been able to pack so much stuff into my Element over the years. Stores are always surprised at how much can go inside and still be able to close the tailgate and hatch!

Glad to see you're still enjoying the E-uphoria, T Mac! I still haul TONS of crap in my E on an almost daily basis, especially now that we're working on moving. Will be picking up my brother's snow blower to borrow tomorrow night, I'll just throw it in the back. And yes, I always love the look that people give me when they think what I'm buying can't fit in the E! :lol:

As much as we like the enclosed space the E provides, an open top vehicle can be very handy. This is my wife's 2003 Tracker with a 7 foot couch, two chairs and two end tables in back. Along with all the cushions. and room up front for the two of us.


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Shoulda got a pic

I wish now that I would have taken pictures, but I brought my Bolens 15.5 HP, 38 inch tractor home in mine. Not much room in the front seats for me and my wife.
Imagine what could fit if Honda ever decided to make the Element slightly bigger....


TR Graham
It would change into a Blue police box...
Can you do this with your CUV?

Hey gang!

My wife has a (mostly dormant) antique and collectibles business that I help with. We used to completely pack our little '87 Toyota pick-up and '69 VW Westy Campmobile a couple times a month for antique shows and I know their hauling capacity, cubic ft.-wise. The Toy. PU has a shallow camper shell over the bed that restricts capacity for large pieces. It rides and drives kinda like a log wagon, compared to modern vehicles. MPG is not that great now either. (The Campmobile has been gone for many years but couldn't really haul big stuff due to the built-in closets and furniture. But it was a nice camper and a nominal automobile.)

Recently, we needed to deliver a full-size maple gate-leg drop-leaf dining table and 4 matching ladder-back chairs along with additional leaves and table top-pads and some odds and ends. A rainy delivery day made our recently acquired Element the preferred vehicle for the job. Our little Saturn wagon could have only hauled the chairs but we wanted to avoid taking 2 cars for the 70 mile round trip.

As a result, we loaded the table kit, four chairs, a 13 gallon storage box and some antique crutches. The big stuff was padded and lashed down to the built-in tiedown loops in the Element with good bungie cords. A foam pad was placed to protect the rear hatch glass from any moving pieces (extra table leaves).

See the attached pic. Two of the chairs were placed under the table and two others across the floor behind the front seats. The extra leaves and pads lay on top of the table.

All this with the Element's back seats still in the car, folded up next to the side windows, ready for immediate use once the cargo load was delivered. And the ride was perfectly comfortable. 27 mpg. Mission well and truly accomplished, with grace and space to spare!

Does anyone know of another "out-of the box" CUV on the market that is this capable and flexible? New GM, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Chrysler, VW, Kia, etc.? Or even a Honda? I don't know of any. The Element just makes sense!

Did I mention... I love my Element!



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