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iPhone integration + Dash mount: best place to run cable?

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Hey all, long time lurker, first-time poster. I searched and searched, but couldn't find any threads on this subject.

I have a PanaVise bracket and a Proclip mount with Dock connector passthrough. I plan on purchasing either the Peripheral PXAMG or the USA-Spec PA15-HON2 to integrate my iPhone with my factory stereo. I installed the bracket on the left side of the stereo, but I'm not opposed to moving it to the other side.

Here's my question: what's the best place to run the cable that goes from the interface out to the phone? I'd like as little of the cable to be visible as possible. At the same time, I figure I'll have to cut a notch in some dash piece or other, so I'd prefer to do so in a piece that is relatively cheap to replace.

Any thoughts? I figure somebody out there must have a similar setup.



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I'm not familiar with the iPod, but I ran the cable on my Motorola Bluetooth HF kit out the bottom of the stereo surround You are already going to have to notch that piece for the panavise mount. You might have to modify the underlying part as well, but when you remove everything someday a replacement surround will hide all sins.:D


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Welcome to the EOC, Brent! :)

I am currently using the Peripheral system you referenced. It is actually marketed under the iSimple brand in many places and can be bought from Best Buy. That's where I bought mine.

I also have the same exact Panavise Bracket and iPhone ProClip holder you are currently looking at. They are not installed yet. I will mount my iPhone 3G on the right side of the stereo with them. I will run the charging cable internally to a hidden power outlet like I did for my GPS. The goal is to have everything be hidden and discreet as much as possible.

I also have this ProClip holder for my iPod Classic 160G.

I will be mounting this holder and my iPod down by the shifter using the Kuda mount. The Kuda is just a platform. The ProClip holder screws on to that.

The Peripheral device, PXAMG/iSimple, is hooked up to my iPod most of the time not my iPhone. I wanted to have the option of removing the iPod from it's holder and going to the rear seating area with it. So I have the cable from the PXAMG coming out of bottom rear of the subwoofer underneath the passenger side dash with enough slack to reach the back seats. I also placed it on this side so I can place the iPod and cabling inside the glove compartment.

Come take a look at my discreet install for my Garmin Nuvi GPS at the thread below. Although this is for the GPS, you can do the something similar for your iPhone to keep the visibility of the cabling to a minimum. :)
Thanks KTinSD and Snuffleupagus for your replies.

I was thinking I'd end up running the cable through the U-shaped surround that KTinSD pointed out, but I was concerned that there might not be enough room behind there to get the cable through. It sounds like there is, so I guess I'll give it a shot... but just in case, I'll do a dry run before I do any cutting.

Whenever I get around to doing the install, I'll take pictures of the result (and the process, if I'm in a good mood that day :smile:).

Thanks again!
I actually went and drilled a hole in the surround trim piece (the large piece that holds the vents and that the heater controls are mounted to) right behind where you have the bracket mounted. I ran the cables I was using through it one by one then filled the hole with a grommet. I use this set up for a Satellite radio I have mounted to the bracket. Since the hole is behind the bracket, the cables are practically invisible. And as I see it, if I ever decide to remove the bracket, I can just plug the whole with a solid grommet and it'll look like it was always there.
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