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Is anyone else using the PC Card slot on their EX Navi stereo???!

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The EX Navi Stereo has a built-in PC Card slot for playing MP3 music files. It is fast to navigate between songs, much faster than the iPod/USB connector. The song-navigation menu is pretty nifty too. Personally, I'm quite pleased with it!

Is anyone else out there using it?! I'd love to hear (pun intended) :grin:
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Sorry bout the Thread Necro, but I'd like to know if you're still happy with the Compact Flash / PC Card playback in your '10 EX Navi. I've tried playing MP3s from USB sticks in the glove box, and was never happy with the performance. Your thread is the only one I can find discussing the Compact Flash/PC Card feature in Navi-equipped Elements.

I'm considering buying a large PC card now. Are you using special speed-rated memory? Are there brands or sizes that didn't work?
I'm currently playing music through the phone too- but smartphone memory is precious, and flash memory is cheap. I did the math on the file and track limitation:

2010 Element Manual said:
The card limit of the player is 99 folders and 999 tracks. If the card has a complex structure, it takes some time for the system to begin playing it.
99 folders, assume 10 tracks per folder at an average of 100MB per folder,
99 x 100MB= 9900 MB or 9.66 GB

So buying a 16GB card is overkill. But an 8GB could work. $13-$30 on Amazon; and the more expensive cards use UDMA for DSLR storage.
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