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Is anyone else using the PC Card slot on their EX Navi stereo???!

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The EX Navi Stereo has a built-in PC Card slot for playing MP3 music files. It is fast to navigate between songs, much faster than the iPod/USB connector. The song-navigation menu is pretty nifty too. Personally, I'm quite pleased with it!

Is anyone else out there using it?! I'd love to hear (pun intended) :grin:
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I was going to purchase the PC card adapter to use on my '10 navi, but I was turned off by the performance using a USB stick in the glove box. I wasn't sure if performance would be the same, so I just forgot about it and use my phone for music. I also think there was a limitation on number of files/folders which could be another issue.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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