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Is is worth it?

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I have my dealer putting an order in for my E with side air bags as soon as one gets built and shipped to my region. Which he predicts could be as soon as next week. But after hearing about all the cracked windshields, I'm beginning to wonder if this vehicle is even worth it? I know it's only a windshield--not a mechanical issue, but its definitely discouraging that ppl haven't even made their first payment and the windshield is already cracked. And will it probably crack again? Any thoughts?
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There are currently three TSB's out. I just purchased an Element and my VIN is later than the last VIN mentioned in those TSB's. So any Element on the assembly line has to be also. They appeared to correct the major problems.

Also I bought a PT Cruiser when they first came out and it had issues also, but more of them. It is common with a brand new model. They try to test the vehicles before releasing them, but nothing can match the real world testing of the first purchasers.
It's for the seat strap. Go to Element-J's website - he has all the TSB's and wonderful instructions on installing accessories.
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