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Is is worth it?

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I have my dealer putting an order in for my E with side air bags as soon as one gets built and shipped to my region. Which he predicts could be as soon as next week. But after hearing about all the cracked windshields, I'm beginning to wonder if this vehicle is even worth it? I know it's only a windshield--not a mechanical issue, but its definitely discouraging that ppl haven't even made their first payment and the windshield is already cracked. And will it probably crack again? Any thoughts?
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Penguin - Well put. I've got over 7K miles on my E without problem or complaint one. I've got at least 2 gravel hits on my windscreen and no cracks yet (knock on wood). Several months ago, when this problem started happening I said in this forum it could be due to a sharp edge on the structure and sure enough it is. Honda has issued a service bulletin to correct the cracked windscreens and has taken steps to correct the problem on the assembly line. Like any car, the E isn't perfect but it is an excellent compromise of style, versatility and functionalism. I highly recommend them to all my firends, but as always, buying a car is a very personal decision. Good luck in your efforts.
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