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Is is worth it?

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I have my dealer putting an order in for my E with side air bags as soon as one gets built and shipped to my region. Which he predicts could be as soon as next week. But after hearing about all the cracked windshields, I'm beginning to wonder if this vehicle is even worth it? I know it's only a windshield--not a mechanical issue, but its definitely discouraging that ppl haven't even made their first payment and the windshield is already cracked. And will it probably crack again? Any thoughts?
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I think that the decision has to be yours....but here are a few thoughts...

While the windshield has been an issue for some it is not happening to every single E owner, the same is true for other issues. Obviously no one can predict what will happen to their E or any new car.

I will tell you this....I have had my E for a month and a half....2100 issues what so windshield has even been hit by two so loudly that I thought for sure it was going to be chipped or start to crack....but nothing.

Also please keep this in mind....I believe T Mac posted that 19,000+ Elements have been sold this year to date.....and while this website had several hundred, maybe even a thousand is only a small sample of Element owners and not everyone in this segment of E owners is experiencing issues.

Also keep in mind this is a first model year car.....if you are concerned at all take a few months and think about it, watch the boards, and possibly even wait for the 2004 models.....see what comes up!
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