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Is the wait finally over?

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After reading so many posts on this board and researching the Element I want one of these bad boys so bad I can taste it - and yet I figured I would have to wait a few months for an EX 5-spd 2WD. But now a local dealer has an EX Auto 2WD in EBP (first choice, would also take GG but don't care for the other colors) and I just may have to go get it. They are asking 19900 for it so I am hoping to end up paying an even 21 with a few add-ons plus tax/tags/processing etc. I'm a little disappointed to not be getting a manual but I can also think of a lot of situations where having the auto will be preferable, and people seem to be saying that the auto has enough zip to make it fun to drive. Could the wait be over? Hopefully no one will beat me to it and snatch my Blue 2WD EX!
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I guess you folks in VA are having a tough time getting E's. I was in Ft. Belvoir 2 weeks ago and saw only 2. If your EBP E gets snatched, you might want to make a trip to the southwest. 2 dealers close to me have at least 6 E's each and each dealer has at least one of the highly sought after SOP. Good luck and BTW i have a EBP, 2WD, 5spd EX.
If you find one you like you better snatch it up as soon as you can. I lost out on 2 which I wanted from waiting around. Mine is a 4X4 EX GG.
Jones... there's no wait for 5sp 2WD Elements - they've been out since last December. It's just for the 5sp 4WD models that haven't arrived yet, and these appear set to start being delivered in the next month.

You should thus be able to get a 2WD 5sp, either DX or EX model right now, and by shopping around you should find a reasonable deal in your color of choice.

By the way, mine is a Green 4WD auto EX and it's still fun to drive, but not nearly as much as a 5sp 2WD.
You should thus be able to get a 2WD 5sp, either DX or EX model right now, and by shopping around you should find a reasonable deal in your color of choice.
za9ra22, that may be true in some places, but not necessarily in Virginia. My 2 local dealers have only a couple of E's of any type in stock. Since I started looking at E's a month ago, I have seen only 1 available SOP and NO available GGs. I put a deposit down on a SOP that my dealer was expecting. He was expecting 2, and only 1 arrived.

But, on the bright side, it did arrive, and, as of last night, I am the proud owner of a SOP AWD EX. :D :D :D
Hey Foxtail,

Congratulations on your E!! I have a couple of pictures of an SOP EX on Duncan's lot taken on a dull day and it's the brightest thing around by a long way!!

In the end I picked GG instead because I didn't want to draw attention to myself.

Your 2 local dealers are the same as mine, and of course you're right that availability is dependent on where you go/who you see. What I was trying to say is that the model Jonesin$enE was wanting to biy is a current production model and they are out there. His local dealer might not have one, but should be able to give him a realistic and truthful delivery date for one even if they can't find another dealer in the area to get it from.
Hey, za9ra22! I forgot that you are my neighbor!! Are you still loving your GG?

Well, I've been driving my SOP for less than a day, and I just looked out to see 4 people standing around it checking it out. Nope, the SOP is definitely blatant exhibitionism! A guy on a bicycle earlier almost drove into a bush because he was looking over his shoulder at it! :lol:

I'll watch for you in Roanoke. If you're back through B'burg, I'm easy to spot. :)
My GG E is turning heads and still causes me to grin when driving it! You may know that on Saturday evenings during summer in a parkling lot just off w. main street in Salem there's a sort of informal car show where there are anything up to a hundred antique cars, muscle cars, old MGs, Bel Airs, Galaxies etc..... well we go there to look around pretty often. A couple of weeks ago we went down in the E and wandered off to look around. When we got back, the E was surrounded by people trying to peer into it and looking round it like it was in the show! Nearly got buried under a pile of people trying to look at the inside when I opened the door. Your SOP would be far more of an attraction than my subdued GG!!
Let me know when you're going again! I'll meet you there and we can really turn some heads.

Maybe we should start a SW VA group? At least there'd be 2 members. :)

I still haven't seen another around here since that single GG, though a friend told me that she saw a gray one recently. Do you see many in Rke/Salem?
Funnilly there are now 3 in my neighborhood, both the result of people driving past and seeing mine in the driveway! Other than that, I think I've still only seen 3 others on the road - an SOP with temporary tags on 460 coming east out of Christiansburg (obviously another Duncan customer). That was about a month ago, a black 4WD that was on the road outside my office window last week, and another SOP near Kitty Hawk NC a couple of weeks ago. I wonder where they're all going because Dunan, Woodson and the dealer in Covington all seem to be selling every one they get.
I live in Lynchburg. VA. and the dealer has had a few Elements through the doors. He had an orange one, a blue, 2 or three blacks, and some DX's across the street I did not see. My GG 4wd 5 speed is due soon. Do not know if there will be side airbags, as the dates for the 5 speed and the date for the airbags has split. But we will see!
Well I went to the dealership looking for my EX 2WD EBP but it was nowhere to be found. I test drove a SMM 4WD EX and was pretty impressed (hadn't actually driven the E before tonight - WOW!), but I am sticking to my guns on this one. Emailed the internet sales manager and let him have it (car still shows up on a query I just ran - so either the salesman couldn't find a car on his own lot or they aren't concerned enough with my time to update their online inventory system), so maybe my car will turn up or they'll help me find a comparable one. So close and yet so far - at least now I've driven it. BTW just about everything I've read on the board seemed to ring true - I liked just about everything about the car, didn't notice excessive highway noise (and I took it up to 85 on the interstate), but those rear seats are HEAVY - I don't think my wife would be able to raise them. Then again, this car is for ME! :twisted: When oh when will I get my E????
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Jonesin, I've just had mine for 24 hours, but I am so happy with it. I think it's one of those things that when you see it, you just know it's right, and it's not right for everyone. When I first drove one, I just had to have one. Waiting for it to arrive just about drove me crazy. I just kept reading the postings here and feeling jealous of everyone who already had theirs! :mrgreen:

And I had to wait less than 3 weeks. I don't know how those who have been waiting for months stand it!
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