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I have been a litlle bit grumpy about the dealer I am using to get my "E". I want to tell everyone that they have just done me a very kind favour that really shows them to be quite considerate.

I have been loaned a car - a new Honda Civic LX Sedan - for as long as it takes until my "E" comes in. This is saving me $300 a week in car rental charges as I had to return my leased Chevy S-10. I am kicking myself a bit as this offer was made last month and I declined it - I woud have saved the lease payement and the overmileage payment on the lease as well for that month.

The car is the salesman's personal demo car.

The dealer's rating goes up for this - tho I am still frustrated that I have had to go all of the work in initiating the communication at each step. :(

I am so close to "E"lation I can taste it. These 3 months waiting will seem like they were just a dream. :D

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