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I received my bug deflector from my client whose wife works at Honda today. I managed to not crack the deflector installing it - I used two small rubber washer under the bolts that screw into the metall supports. That allowed me to tighten it up nicely.

I did loose one long bolt into the engine compartment - it seems to have dropped into the plastic underbody - I dropped a penny to see where it went and retrieved the penny from there, but no hints where the bolt is. :( I managed to use anther screw to slip into the plastic grommet to hold the clip in place. It should be alright I think.

The other faux pas I managed is to place the deflector just under the front of the "E". I managed to step on it and it skidded underneath my foot. A slight mar on the front right side, nothing you can see unless I show it. Another battle scar for Elsie, I say.

In all, the deflector is very easy to install - I strongly recommend the rubber washers - 15 cents Canadian each. I bought ten as they are a 1/4 inch hole that is a good size to use on other things as well.

The end result is I now have a "half-nose mask", aka "bra" for sale. Make a reasonable offer and I will send it off. I will need to include Canadian shipping for parcel post.
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