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First Welcome, you are a trip.. you had me dying of laughter, thank you.

Yeah seems a good lot of us are around the 40-something zone ish! And most of us are dog/animal lovers.. seems to be a good connection here. Perhaps the marketing could be for the 40-something dog lover!

the drivers seat does adjust up in height.. Also, if your friend is a passenger & wants to see the road when you are driving, your friend can sit in the back it has the theatre seating so it is higher back there!

Seems we have alot of people who were not Honda owners joining the honda crowd now, due to the (long awaited) cool styling of the Element.. it is unique (at long last) and that is something Honda did not have. Honda has had the extremely reliable, dependable.. yet boring and not head-turner cars.. sooo at last, at long last we have VW, GM, Ford Motor and more joining this happy family!

I am a devoted Honda Lover, with good reason. I have an Integra I had a Prelude.. now I have the Element which is a dream to drive, sooo comfy, soo smooth, turning is awesome.. just fantastic.. so i hope you go for it, and welcome!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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