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It's an E!

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Been trying to get a Silver EX 5-Speed 2WD for a month. Like Blood from a rock. Dealer said that combination is statistically rare coming out of Honda's plants. Apparently 80% of us want 4WD, Auto and black. It's just possible that the car dealer may a tap-dancing piece of #@$&.

But it all worked out, because I all but walked out: They offered me a Silver EX 4WD Auto for only a few hundred more than the 2WD 5-Speed. Some 2000 bucks discount. So I took that after checking with their service department that maintenance was no more expensive than with 2WD, and likewise with my insurance carrier for comp, collision. I prefer an auto for my daily driver anyway.

I am kinda surprised at the first-600-mile no-revving, no-exceed-60-mph, no-cruise-control rules. Apparently it has to get it's lobes adjusted :? (VTEC valve timing cams).

I'll have the dealer install security and keyless. I'll install the big armrest and some cargo nets myself.
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I broke all the rules! 400 miles and absolutly, totally, madly- goshdarn it, In love with my E !
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