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Super Socal B.B.Q Honda/Acura
When: October 17,2009 Saturday
Time: 12 p.m noon .
Where: Legg Lake (60 fwy & 605 fwy)
photo shoot

civic line up by line. integra line up by line and so on. for the flick.
group shot that was there.
FREE FOOD yes i siad it FREE food just havin a blast.. with everyone.introduce yourself to everyone..
please no free loader.

(note) This is a Honda/Acura JDM car meet.
All car are welcome in. all car that not a Honda/Acura will be parkin on the right side of the parkin lot.
Just don’t forget 5$ to get you inside the gate park .That goes for all of us even myself.
And don’t be empty handed it's a friendly B.B.Q JDM Honda/Acura meet.
It would be kindly you bring some thing to the park.
People all just chip in that be great. Water,pattie,bun,soda,hotdog,chicken,ice,chip,spoon,fork,.and so on.
There will be a tip jar next to the cook .. please be kindly to make a drop.
I will be bring chicken wing that feed about 250 people.
The will be a car contest that I will be givin away free 100 dollar to first place. this how it work.. Every Honda and acura who enter the park I will be putting number on ur window. If there 200 car that mean I should have 200 vote only . The vote is up to you guys. one vote per a car .
(note) family and kids are welcome too . It a very big park
P.S don’t forget fishing poll and bait, there catfish,carp,and large bass . With a lot of blue gill in the lake .
Let make this Honda/acura turn out to be very good meet this year.

RULE:: please no smashing,burning,wheel spinning,loud music,anything that loud beside an exhust.
Were here to have fun and meet new friend and people an car.. So don’t burn the spot .. So we dont get kick out.

Contact momo or srey 562 6375948 [email protected]
Map online only.,ftc,1,fid,244718,n,legg lake.cfm

from L.A 60 east exit rosemead blvd goin south. Left on durfee ave . Will be on left hand side .. Cant miss it
from OC 60 west exit rosemead blvd goin south. Left on durfee ave . Will be on left hand side .. Cant miss it
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