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Julie's E @ Martha's Vineyard - First Road Trip Impressions.

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here's a few of the pics i snapped this weekend on our jaunt to martha's vineyard.

the lighthouse in edgartown:


south beach:


Menemsha docks:


it's amazing that we saw two other elements on the island (two blue ones, one ex and one dx). anyone here?

here's some misc ramblings, and my impressions of our element from our weekend..

the element is a great long distance cruiser. fatigue is minimal and the driving position is excellent.

things i wish i could change or modify:
-more effective sunvisors
-more aerodynamic shape. the wind was pretty strong on our journey to the island and i felt as if it would blow us off the road.
-move the sunroof to the front
-suicide doors that dont need to have the front doors open to open them
-panel ontop of the center dash would be a perfect place for a pop-up screen for nav
-wish the headrests could tilt forward and back.

we took her on a short offroad excursion and had a great time. this car wasnt made for any serious trails for the undercarriage would make contact with the ground on any large dips and puddles, but a hoot nonetheless. i think i'll leave the mud on the sidesteps and the fenders for a little bit - makes her look ruff ruff rugged, tuff like a nugget.

brakes and suspension work great under emergency manuevers. swerved within inches of a rabbit, then the next night a deer, and made it look easy.

car seems to wheeze over large hills and while trying to overtake other vehicles, but it's technically an SUV - more than enough power for what it's designed to do. wont win any stoplight encounters, but around the twisties she's pretty nimble. took her to the point past where the tires would break, massive understeer - but didnt feel like it was going to roll. chasis seems pretty taught and the rear suspension prevents it from handling like a sloppy suv. with some correction ala throttle/lift in mild understeer, she can be coaxed into a controlled slide. probably not a good idea to try again.. dont want to take the chance and end up rolling.

as for styling, this car brings out the extremes. people either LOVE it, or HATE it, but everyone agrees that because shes a honda, she'll run forever thus making her a good buy. i believe she looks great - more than a dozen admirers and tons of positive comments. people just want to see more. there was this one fisherman who gawked at the car with his weather beaten face.. looked as if he sucked on a super strength sour apple gummy candy.

exceptional interior room. we carried around 6 adults all weekend around the island. they didnt seem too uncomfortable, but i was driving.. what do i know?

oem stereo sounds great, but could use an upgrade from the oem paper speakers to something more substantial. the sub starts to distort way too early.

we received the larger armrest the day before our trip and this is definately a MUST HAVE. 5 minute install, lifetime of enjoyment. perfect place to hide your ezpass, cell phone and my huge valentine1 radar detector. it's also surprisingly sturdy. the passenger can enjoy the benefits of the larger armrest too. arm rest tilts pretty low even for my 'esse' position driving style.

bare ankle fits perfectly between A-pillar and the sideview mirror. :)

man.. i love this car. we put on over 600 miles (1100 miles in 2 weeks) this weekend, and i cant wait to go out again! tomorrow it's supposed to be a pretty nice day weather-wise.. im torn between the s2k and the e. i never thought the day would come when i'd cheat on my s2k, but i think we'll take the e to church instead :D

keep on truckin'
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Okay, I'll ask- where did you put the other 2 people (6 comfortable people in a 4-seat car)? I've been wondering, because I will want to carry 5-6 on rare occasions.
2 in the front, 3 in the rear and one sitting on the lap of a person in the rear. 3 women + 3 men + 1 Element = good time :lol:
Wonderful pictures!!! Thanks so much!!

here's one i made for my desktop :)

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