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I finally did it!

*** 2003 Honda Element EX Shoreline Mist Metallic Automatic ***

$2187 out the door

I basically met the dealer 1/2 way between invoice and list
5.25% Financing via a local credit union
Traded a 1997 VW black Jetta GT w/87000 miles and minor body scruffs. (I still owed a little on it, so I took a hit. I just didn't want to have to sell it myself and deal with phone calls, etc). Live and learn.
I added minor extended warranty stuff. Not much.

39 miles on the odometer. :0)

Got free wheel locks as a "perk". Big Whoop.

Now for the "pimpin' accessories". I am gonna buy the following stuff:

Window tinting (front windows, sunroof)
Rack (just the regular rack, not the ski rack, etc)
Tail pipe finisher
Bungies. I have to PAY for these?
Keyless entry
Mats (front)
Seat covers
iPod! :0)
Wish I could get a Hummer-style "cow pusher" front grill guard. See my other post.

Off I go to pay the taxes now. OUCH. Kansas kills me!

I almost bought silver, but didn't like the interior too much. Almost bought the black, but it is hard to find, and I just sold a black car. They get hot and show dirt too. the Shoreline color is nice because it is very metallic (almost silver), and contrasts nice with the black composite panels. It is kind of "elite" since it is only available in the EX trim.

If you want an element, and you live in KC, post a reply and I can give you my dealer contact info!


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Good Luck with your new E

I also bought the Shoreline Mist and finally got around to the first car wash. Cleans up nice looks like new. Also bought the locks, armrest, fog lights, secutity package/keyless, rack, flaps, steering wheel cover. sourced a vg bungee alternative and put them in myself (bungee and locks total $5-$6 )

Enjoy the new ride


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First day out with my new EX:

I went to a cafe today for a Latte (I'm not a yuppie I swear) and I was complimented 2 times before I got in the door. THEN on the way out I found 3 women freakin' out on my new EX. I almost sold them mine! LOL
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