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I sold my 93-Accord w/Turbo H-22 and all the worx this
last weekend. I wanted to get out of the Fast & Furious
hype and go for something unique. The exhaust alone
was making me go crazy. I'm not degarding the scene
but it's getting too lame. You find all you need at your
nearest Pep-Boys. So it only left to go and pick up
my first E-EX manual and I'm loving every bit of it.
All I got to do it throw on the 20's I bought
and put on the turbo kit. It looks like summer already
started with my E....

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So here we go-I got some ADR 20 inch Sterlings for $840.00 out
the door. I'm looking into buying some Toyo's 245/35/20 or
235/35/20...And for the turbo system. I'm getting a upgraded
computer since it's a I-VTEC so whatever you put now can
mess with your stock computer. Soo watchout. After all that work,
I can put such add-on's like a turbo w/ boost control and a
APEXI V-Tec controller.

Sound system is unconstruction as we speak.

1-Clarion DXZ935 (CD/MP3..ETC) (Connected to a Playstation 2)

3- Clarion 6.5 Monitors

4-JL Audio CR600CSI Comp. Speaker

2-JL Audio 12W6V2 (2-12inch)

1-Clarion APX 401.4 (4-channel amp-400watts)

1-Clarion DPX 1001.2 (2-channel amp-1000watts)

Should make the ride sound good. After that
I'm taking it to the shop and getting all the Ext. Plastic
peices painted the same color as the Element. Maybe
some art work done to get it catchy. We'll see. Alot
is being done with so little time. I will make sure
to post picture of the before and after process.

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Rev Hard is working on a turbo kit for the Element right now, and guess who's gonna be hawking them...

<-------- Yours truely!

I can't wait for that kit to come out, it is going to kick some serious ass! I'll be adding one to my Element as well...
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