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Ordered the service manual, OEM fog light kit, oil filter wrench and black SC floor mats. Opened the manual... wow. Now I can see what is what, where it goes and how to take it apart.

Was going to do the easy one first this weekend, floor mats, but someone at UPS opened the mat box, or it tore, and didn't get the mounting brackets and screws. Emailed H and A Accessories and I'm sure they will send me the missing parts.

I will post pics asap. Not too tech savvy but shouldn't be too difficult with my two teens help.

Update.... If you own a 2007 SC, you don't NEED the brackets and mounting screws.

I went to the car wash today to vacuum out the floor mats and low and behold.... I see they are connected to the floor via a small hook. :shock: Yes, I emailed HandA asking for parts I didn't need. I'm going to email them today and tell them of my discovery but I bet they already know it. :oops: Need to change my handle on here to Crayon or just know that slick is meant as a :029:.
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