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I couldn't agree more about the quality of Zaino products. I have used just about every name brand and special formula out there and Zaino has them all beaten hands down.

My black 1994 Toyota Supra TT always looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Zaino is fairly expensive though...and you can't just run out and buy it at Pep Boys. You have to order from a Zaino distributor or through .

To be honest, I probably won't use it for my E though. The Element is my daily driver /grocery getter /dog carrier/ kayak sled. I don't want or expect the same "look" out of my Element as I do out of my Supra. I'm going to use a wash/wax from Wally World for the E and since it will see many more frequent washes than the Supra I think that will suffice.

Just the same....if you are looking for the best products money can buy to condition and protect your can't use a better product than Zaino.

Just My .02,

Chad H.
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