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There has been YEARS of testing with K&N filters by just about every automotive magazine out there. Results are consistent. K&N is less restrictive than a paper filter, and the PROPERLY oiled cotton filter does a better job of providing contaminant free air to the engine.

My Dad used to give me the old "It would have come that way from the factory if it was any good..." line of crap, until my simple but effective modifications on his '91 4.3 V-6 S-10 buried that line of "reasoning." A better chip for the computer, 160 thermostat, open style K&N filter, cat-back Flowmaster duals, B&M strip shift kit for the tranny, wider low profile tires and a rear a/s bar changed an everyday truck into a responsive and fun commuter. And, the documented mileage improved considerably.

Not all mods are for everyone. If you, for whatever reason, don't think it's worth it, don't do it. Oh yeah, and don't let your tank get too close to empty 'cause you'll clog your fuel filter by picking up the gunk in the bottom of the tank... :roll:
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