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I have an 07 Element EX Bought it used with 115,000 miles, now 170,000 and change. I’ve recently had issues with the car stalling out while the engine was cold, mostly when I was slowing to turn or stopping. No codes or lights. After an epic quest I finally brought it to Honda dealer where they adjusted the valves and replaced the gaskets. Drove like a dream. Just over 24 hours later it died on the side of the road at 4am whilst I drove home from work. I had it towed to another AAA mechanic who thinks it’s the alternator (final diagnosis forth coming).

Here is a list of what I’ve had done since 10/2019

  • 4 new tires and TPM sensors
  • rear calipers replaced
  • new battery
  • full tune up inc. changing all spark plugs
  • fuel system flushed
  • valves adjusted and gaskets replaced
  • now possibly alternator replacement and also the parking brake needs to be adjusted (possibly replaced) to pass inspection.
List doesn’t feel that long when I write it out but it’s been a lot of money in a short amount of time - I’ve blown through most of my savings now I’m trying to decide if it’s worth continuing to fix or if I should trade it in and lease something. Does anyone know of any repairs that end up being needed as we approach 200,000? I see a lot of people on here with much higher mileage and I love this car, but I’m nervous that I’ll end up constantly throwing money at it.

I’m not mechanically inclined and have move frequently recently so I don’t have a trusted mechanic. Any advice is much appreciated.

TL;DR I’m looking for input on what repairs to expect btwn 150,000 and 250,000 so I can gauge how many I’ve already done and whether or not I can afford to keep my E.

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For what it’s worth, I have experienced the same stalling when cold for the last few years. When it starts to happen, I throw a couple of cans of Seafoam in the gas tank and it seems to clear up the problem. Fortunately for me, I can’t comment on what you might expect for repairs. I love my ‘07 EX! Best of luck to you in whatever you end up doing!

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Well look at it this way, thats mostly common maintenance... you plan to be trading it in for a bicycle?
Not judgin, i like bikes.
Not too many cars that are as reliable as these. Is it payed off? A lease will never be, and a new car payment, is a car payment. I dont like those.

Valve adjustment is a necessary service, (seafoam doesnt do that), batteries die, and calipers stick.

Pretty sure a proficient lurker could search up how to adjust a parking brake cable here, the cupholder pops out without tools, and the cable should be snug, but a dollar store set of pliers should be enough.
Frozen cable is different story, but maybe youll get lucky and a spray can of liquid wrench can sneak you past.
Most mechanics wont try that, (they work for money).
Im betting the 'full tune up, and fuel system flush' was part of your epic that an arrow in the knee.
Spark plugs last about 100k, and take 5 min each to change. That valve adjustment should last 100k.
Your suspension is due to get noisy, compliance bushings, shocks usually die past 150k, but not always. Some people have had starters go, mine lasted till the 230k range, guess ive been lucky with my alternator, if its not original, it does have 220k on it.

You've done some of the big$ ones, and pissed some$ away.
E's are more reliable than average, so starting payments over is unlikely to be cheaper.
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