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I have made an Honda boot screen for certain Kenwood units. I have a dnx7160 and it works. I did not make this from scratch. I found the images on google images and put them together with a little bit of editing. Make sure you remake my jpg as an bmp.

1) File Type needs to be Bit Map
2) Pixel Size should be 800 * 480, but you need to first set to 921 * 480
3) Picture does need to be crushed during finalization, from 921*480 to 800 *480, as it will get expanded when loaded
4) You need to use a dedicated image processing application such as Photoshop in order to be able to make the right settings and save in the correct format.
5) Save as 16 bit Full Color BMP and the setting of RGB of R5,G6,B5 is very important
6) Windows Applications like Paint cannot be used to make the BMP as the settings for the RGB and picture crushing cannot be done with that application.

To enter setup Mode, Press and hold VOLUME DOWN & SRC buttons, then press RESET button (red triangle).
• Release reset button, and hold VOLUME DOWN & SRC buttons until illumination activates.
• Once the startup screen menu loads, connect the USB Thumb drive containing image file. The files must be in the root directory.
• If you want to change the opening image to your own image (i.e., company logo), Press OEM Image.
The OEM Image will be grayed out till files are seen on USB device.
• If you want to put original KENWOOD opening back, press KENWOOD image.
• Select the image you want to use.
• When the image is loaded, select Enter. Once the file writing is complete, hit the RESET button again. The unit should now boot with your new screen. Recall your settings and your done.


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