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I've had an Eclipse CD5044 in my E for about a year now and been very happy with it. I've been a long time fan of Eclipse and owned a number of their units and the CD5044 was in my Grand Cherokee before I traded it in on my E. The sound in the GC was great after I got it all tuned in and I thought I was happy with it in the E, until I replaced it with the Kenwood.

When the Eclipse finally stopped playing CD's one day I went in search of a new HU. I stopped by my local car audio shop (World Wide Stereo in Montgomeryville) where I do all my shopping and the guys suggested I look at the KDC-x693 as a replacement. I've never liked Kenwood, always seemed too flashy, but they showed me this was a serious deck with time delay adjustments for all the speaker channels, independent crossovers, two audio zones, a great EQ and a bunch of other features I really liked about my old Eclipse. I was sold and rushed home to install it.

With no adjustments the Kenwood sounded pretty good. A little flat and without any real channel separation but once I started to dial in all the adjustments it really started to shine. I was particularly happy with the effect of having two independently adjustable crossovers. My Eclipse just had one and I always felt like I had a dead spot where the sub dropped off. The Kenwood allows me to overlap the sub with the full range and change the slope so the sub drops more gradually and the full range is more cut off. Since I'm not running high end full range speakers with aftermarket amps I was able to set the crossover to drop off right where the speakers start to get overwhelmed (approx 180hz) and it REALLY cleaned up the sound.

The system in the E isn't anywhere near as good as what I was running in my Grand Cherokee but I don't have nearly as much money invested in this system either. My GC had Memphis Sync Components all around, dual 10" Memphis subs and a ton of watts cranked out of three Memphis amps, all with one of several Eclipse HU's up front. Unless I Dynamat the crap out of the E there wouldn't be any point in putting a system like that into it so I've scaled back but this Kenwood really improved the system more than I thought it would.

If you're in the market for a new deck and want a great unit that doesn't require you to replace the whole rest of your system to get good quality sound, the KDC-x693 is a great option. Check my signature for the rest of my system and you'll see it's nothing very high end but the Kenwood really brings out all the hidden potential in what I've already got installed. I'm sure this deck would scale up well if you wanted to really top out your system too but for the price ($150 average online, I paid $120) it's hard to beat, probably impossible considering what else is in that price range.

Did I mention it's a dead sexy unit as well. Adjustable color lighting, big clear display, minimal buttons, glossy piano black face. I can post some pictures if anyone wants to see it but you can check it at Crutchfield.
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