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Hello all,

Kermit (my Honda Element) and I are doing quite fine and have had many adventures together. As I've said in a few threads here, I was living in Kermit for some time and now it's become part time - taking off and living in Kermit during weekends or trips.

In September, my girlfriend is coming to SF for 2 days and she is really curious as to what it's like to stay in the E so I have to give her a good impression with comforts! I'll be taking her camping. Anyone have any recommendations on a nice place to camp in Kermit within an hour from SF?

I was thinking Half Moon Bay on Day 1 and heading north towards Point Reyes and camping at Samuel P. Taylor State Park on day 2. Any problem in sleeping in my E at these places? Do they have showers/restrooms? Any other recommendations/ideas? I don't want to take her to random places on the spot and have her paranoid and scared about what's going on outside and if a cop/criminal will come and awaken us..

Just thought I'd ask advice from the group.


1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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