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:?: Next to the shifter there is a key hole. It appears in some of the pictures that it is has a little cover. Mine isn't covered. Is anyones?
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Mine is Covered..............if we are talking about thingee by the shifter


What is that thing, by the way?
that is where you put your key to ingage the autodestruct device,,,, just kidding you put your key in the hole and you can shift the shifter without turning the car on like for when you are towing it behind a motor home!
It is the "Shift Lock Release" - covered on page 183 of the US Owners manual it is NOT, repeat NOT for allowing your E to be towed behind a motorhome (procedure for that is also covered in the owners manual)

People please read your manuals !

Hmm, guess I need to read a little further in the manual...

In my defence, it wasn't in the quick guide; I did read all of that. 8)
Cool - the quick guide is great - but what we don't want to do is follow advise that may affect the warrenty of your baby !

I still have pages and pages to read myself !


The keyhole should have a cover put on during PDI. I looked at my car the day it was delivered, and the keyhole was uncovered. I made a mental note to check the day the car was delivered...and lo and behold, the plastic cover was there...Put on during PDI.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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