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Keyless Entry doesn't lock

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I completed the installation of the keyless entry. The remote will unlock the doors, but it will not lock them. Anyone have a solution. I tried reprogramming, but same results. Doors will lock using key or driver side button, but not the remote.

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I read another post where someone had a problem with their keyless entry. The solution was that they were programming it with the doors open and the doors have to be shut. If you programmed it with the doors open, I hope this helps...if you did it right, I'm sorry it didn't help.
After shaving and showering but doing no more programming, I returned to find that the remote would now lock the door. Prayer helps, PTL.

I found the the HandA programming instructions that I downloaded were clearer than Honda's that came in the box. Per the above's comments, door must be closed and key must also be removed before the remote will lock. Honda doesn't tell you that, but HandA does. Still mystery, but I'm happy.

Also for you do it yourselfers. You are looking for a green plug up in the left side of the fuse door panel opening. I had a little trouble locating the hole and plug for the mounting bracket.
I did it this weekend. I am not technical by any means.

Lie down with your head facing up under the steering wheel whith your feet hanging out of the car. Look into the far carner and you will see the location to place the bracket. The green plug may be tucked way up underneath. Good really does only take about 15 minutes to install then 2 hours at the chiropractor to straighten out your back.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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