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Kinda funny observation

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When I was picking up my E (it's three weeks today!!) my dealer was showing my statistics and apparently the E is only supposed to hold the weight of two surfboards... Why then, in the Element Brochure does the SOP on page five have three surfboards? I know it's really insignificant, but I would have thought Honda would know their own specifications :lol:

Sunset Orange Pearl EX 4WD, Three weeks old today!
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Uh, I think your dealer (like many others) is completely wrong. Just look at the board for the evidence of people using Kayaks and Luggage racks/baskets to haul around stuff. Surfboards are not even close to being heavy, unless you have my longboard, then the five in the picture probably weigh as much as my one. Im glad we got an emoticon for this :roll:
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