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Kinda funny observation

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When I was picking up my E (it's three weeks today!!) my dealer was showing my statistics and apparently the E is only supposed to hold the weight of two surfboards... Why then, in the Element Brochure does the SOP on page five have three surfboards? I know it's really insignificant, but I would have thought Honda would know their own specifications :lol:

Sunset Orange Pearl EX 4WD, Three weeks old today!
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Hey first let me say Aloha to you Hawaiian dudes...beautiful, beautiful, beautiful are your islands and culture. My wife and I went to Kauai three years ago; mahalo for the memories...they are all I have now as she passed away two years ago.

Second, yep, I do believe the E can carry more than two boards...just listen to our Hawaiian brethren.

Peace to all--
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