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KSport and Tein Coilovers - more info requested

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I'm going to get some coilovers for my SC but have some more technical questions for the two brands available before I decide which to buy. I'm leaning toward KSport so I emailed them with my question but haven't heard back yet so maybe somebody here can answer me if they don't.

I searched and went through most every thread that pertained to Tein and KSport coilovers and just want to clarify some of the little stuff.

I saw that someone had sent their Tein coilovers back to have them revalved and resprung with higher rate springs to keep them from rubbing so much. Is this a concern I should have if I get these coilovers? (either brand). I want to go as low as possible without constant rubbing during bumps and cornering and if a bit stiffer ride will accomplish that then I don't mind.

Also, does KSport offer the same revalve/respringing service with their Kontrol Pro coilovers?

I saw in the first KSport install/pic thread the OP said you won't need the front camber kit if you buy the KSports. I saw the strut top adjustments and the KSport users manual shows that it has the same bolt as Ingalls and SPC. This is true, correct? I just want to make sure I will only need to buy the rear camber kit when I get everything ordered so I can do the install all at once and not be waiting for parts that I forgot about.

I assume with the Teins you will need the front camber kit as they don't include that feature?

My previous Audi Avant had Koni coils on it. Setup was simple since the rear camber was adjustable and I never had issues with rubbing when down low. I want to make sure my SC's setup will be as reliable as the Koni's were. Thanks for any help!

Pics of the wheel gap I wan to eliminate!
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i went with Ksports instead of basics just because i can adjust the dampening and it has Front camber plates.. i have not put them on yet but i will post a update once i do!
You will not need a camber kit with the kSports, but you will for the Tein. It sounds like you want

The ksports have superior adjustability over the Teins, and have much higher rear spring rates. There is not a very good chance you will be able to have any custom work done to your ksports since they are not serviced stateside. Teins are serviced stateside, so they can do whatever you want to them, as long as you can afford it.

I have found through hours of testing that you can drop the ksports on their balls and the tires not rub, but in order to do this you have to shorten the shock travel by preloading the shock so that it is artificially firmer. There is a risk to this, which would be premature wear, and possible damage if you hit a deep enough pothole. I have also found, that no matter what, you will need to roll the rear fender. For a short time I drove around with only 1/4 of gap between the tire and the inner fender, which from the outside looks like the top of the tire is flush or slightly tucked with the top of the fender. I had to preload the shock quite a bit for it not to rub, and it was an extremely firm ride. After hitting a deep pothole or two, and feeling the shock bottom out, I raised it back up. Currently I am running about 1/2" gap in the front, and 3/4 gap in the rear, with a slight amount of preload on the shocks. I have hit some pretty rough roads and the shock hasnt bottomed out and the tire doesnt rub.

I have used the tein basic dampers on my other vehicles. I can comment a little bit on those. The shock travel is not adjustable on them, so when you lower the spring down on the shock, it is preloading the shock, making it artificially firmer, but with the same risks as stated above. The major difference between the two sets when comparing the preloaded conditions, is that the kSports have higher spring rates, which make them a better choice.

With either of these systems, dropping it very low (making the tire appear tucked), and making the shock firm enough to not rub, will inevetable cause the shock to fail or be damaged. So if this is for "show" purposes, either set will do the job, if it's for daily driver purposes, neither set may meet your needs. The lowest I can get it without the shocks bottoming out, or the tires rubbing was 4" drop in the front (-0.5 camber) and 3.75" drop in the rear (-0.8 camber). With heavy passengers or towing, you would need to raise the rear to a 3.5" drop. If this sounds low enough, you may want to consider the kSports.

To snuff this all out, you could spend a lot of money and have the Teins revalved, and buy higher spring rates. Expect to pay about $2300 for a revalved set with higher spring rates, not to mention you will need to purchase a front camber kit.

Personally, I am a Tein guy. I have put Teins on everything I have owned, except for the element. Unfortunetly Tein does not sell the product I needed, so I had to go with the kSports. I am more then happy with the kSports, the only thing I am a little shaky about is their durability, and support if something goes wrong. Time will tell.
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Thanks for all the info!

I've been leaning heavily toward the KSports since they don't require the front camber kit and have shock travel adjustment, much akin to B+G coilovers. I'm actually looking for a very modest drop that would maybe be one or two finger wheel gap all around.

It sounds like getting custom spring rates and re-valving with either brand is a bad idea since I'm not looking for it to be tracked or for it to be a show car. I couldn't justify the extra cost. I'll try a set of KSports and go from there. Thanks again!
Bumping this up to see how people's ksport coilovers have been treating them. How many miles on them without blown shocks. I'd like to lower my element 2 inches but wonder how the ride quality is compared to new sc suspension that I currently have. Updates please
Had mine on since around Jan and they are doing just fine. Update though, Ksport does have a warehouse in AZ that will work on the coils should they fail. You might have to pay a little bit of money but it is offered. Also have them out in professionally because if you do it yerself it voids their warranty. I was more than able to do it myself but after spending over a thousand bucks I didn't want to throw that money away if something went wrong. My fronts are down to about a one finger gap and the rear is about 1.5 finger. Will need to roll fenders and Trim them as well. I believe of you order from them directly you can ask for the beefier springs, not sure if costs extra scratch though. It's really personal preference by I think either way you go you won't be disappointed.
Beefier spring is 16k?
I honestly couldn't tell you bud, if you call or email them they'll let you know. The XYZ Coilovers have the highest spring rate out of the box @ 10kg front and 15kg rear. The Ksport and D2 are 10 & 12 if I'm not mistaken. I have my rears are dampened to the stiffest possible
I got my ksports from xBLOL, and I think he had 650 miles on them. Ive put at least 10k miles. But i did switch to the 15k rear springs. Ive been having alot of problems with the rears. I will be pulling them, and adjusting the rear preload. I have the dampening set in the middle (so I think 18 clicks). I will set them higher, but I dont think it will help me. I always deny giving anyone a ride, because I will bottom out. Hopefully I can get the preload to the max, and then I wont bottom out anymore..

To adjust the preload in the rear, there is a black ring, inside of the spring. That needs to be spun down. But dont adjust the height rings, unless you want to adjust the height. Its a PITA to adjust the preload ring with the coils on the car, but it is possible..
I have put 1 adult in the rear and no bottoming out. I put 2 bigger adults in the rear with all their luggage and I was heating my tires tub the fenders. My kids pose no problems in this matter. I took my to Island Motorsports and told Reggie how I wanted mine ride. Didnt like it the first time and he readjusted them for 10 bux. Well worth the money over the hassle
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