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Can anybody show me some pictures of your rear ksports mounted on the a AWD E? Doesn't matter if it's not the AWD, I just want to see the clearance between the coilover and the axle shaft if possible.

The reason for this is because I'm checking out my options to bag my Element.

I'm planning on buying some ksports at first, while I get the money which will take about a month; then I will purchase some UAS airbags, fit them on top of my ksports instead of the springs. Here's the fun part, I actually found some threaded coilover brackets for sale. They make them for a couple different coilover brands, which include ksports! :grin:

I'm waiting on a reply from bagriders to really know if these brackets will work. If they do, I basically have a plug and play air strut for my E. I'm not that into welding and stuff like that.. So this is the right thing for me. Right now, the only thing I'm worried about is the clearance of the bag... hence the reason why I want to see some pics of the ksport mounted on the E.

Thanks in advance for your pics :)


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