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Just did a run into LP for a test camp...

camp_lake.jpg camp_site.jpg

This is one of my favorite spring/early summer places to camp/kayak. No good later in the year as they use the water for a power plant/to keep the Eel river level up. Haven't built a platform yet so sleeping was cramped.


First test of the Yack racks, did fine although they add quite a bit to the interior noise level... Turned the XM way up!

Didn't stay the night due to the stupid KARR alarm that is stuck on "passive" and started to go off when I rolled over in bed!

I drove out of the campground and spent half an hour trying to set it on "active" (so I could keep it unarmed)... then drove home (hour and a half away).

Would have stayed and slept outside, but we just had a good rain and the mosquitoes were out.

All worked out OK as I spent today installing the Hidden Hitch (instead of kayaking) and doing a trial run to Waste Management (recycling / trash).:-(

Next step is to build the platform bed and a camping box on the trailer. All has to be done by middle June for the family camp trip back up to LP.

For those interested, Lake Pillsbury is in Lake county just north of Clear lake. Access is by an 11 mile long narrow, wash-boardy gravel road that used to keep the big boats / motor homes out, but quite a few have started braving it for the bass fishing / great skiing.
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