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That was beutiful, Man!

It is so true that most of us love our new "E"'s more and more every day.

[quote:e0d5987f30="HEMan"]People's attitudes have been amazingly consistent. Once people see and understand the inside, the outside becomes much more attractive. I have to admit that I was the same way. The first time I saw an E, I was actually looking at a new Tribute on a Mazda dealer's lot. A young guy drove up in a silver E and got out to look at a Mazda 6. My reaction was to wonder exactly why anyone on earth would want a vehicle that looked so strange (not ugly, just strange). A couple of weeks later I went to a Honda dealer to look at CRVs. While there, I decided to look at the strange new creature callled an Element. They had a SMM. Once I looked inside, had the features demonstrated and took a test drive, I was hooked. It was no longer strange looking. It was beautiful. A SMM is now sitting in my garage. Before the E, vehicles were just vehicles. They took me places. Now I have something that is similar to getting a puppy. I love it and I can tell it loves me back. It brings a smile to my face no matter my mood. Almost every day, I go out to my garage just before dark, put the tailgate down on my E, sit there and just enjoy the end of the day. Great place to have a glass of wine or a good cold beer. If you are like most of us on this Board, you will love yours more and more every day and you will look for ways to be with it just because it makes you so happy.[/quote:e0d5987f30]
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