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Are leases available on an element? I've never leased before (as I've not bought a new car before!) and am weighing the options. The lower monthly payment is attractive.
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leases are available. I leased mine, and already mod'in it. My thoughts were to lower the monthly as I wanted something cheaper as a 2nd car and not get into a commitemnt for a long term deal. The wheels and any honda accesories came with the car, so they can be turned in with it

but then again, you always have the option of keeping it..

I looked at leasing also. You can lease any car you want. However, I want to own this car for about 10 years. Therefore a purchase was much better. To me a lease is fine if you plan on simply always having a payment and not ever owning the a car. Don't let the low monthly payment fool you. Nothing is for free. Analyze the situation closely and make the right decision for your needs.

If you do decide to lease ask the dealer to come up with a payment that is all inclusive where you don't have to put one penny down. No sense paying any dollars up front if you don't have to.
My E is leased... sure the ability to own the same car for 10 years is attractive to certain people but I personally think around 4 years in the same car is too long so with a lease I can just take it back and drive off the lot in the new version of the E if it is still around.
Hey, what's everyone who leased paying? And what are the terms? I'm very interested in knowing what's out there.
I'm leasing mine... 4 years, 60,000 mi for around $300/mo with $1500 down. Not bad at all for that much car.

I've got a 4yr/60k mile lease on my EX AWD for $255 with no cash out of pocket (i did trade in a 99' Civic and got about $1500 for it after payoff).

Anybody else willing to contribute what they're paying for their leased E?
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