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Leather Interior????????

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After a run the other day, I entered my element for the drive home. I was sweating and caused a stain on the driver's arm rest. It came out with resolve.
However, I'm thinking of having the seats upholestered in leather. Anyone heard of this? I know that a lot of dealerships have a local upholestering business that installs leather in vehicles. I've heard that one can get a higher quality leather and more color choices by having the leather installed aftermarket. Wondering about the rear seats' functionality though.
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To add to this question, does anyone know if the seats can be repadded as well??
This is my leather interior. I bought a kit on ebay and did it myself.


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We all need to know more about your leather interior. Looks great! How much did it cost? How long did it take you to install it. Have you had any previous experience with this work? etc.
Oh yes, those leather seats look good! Could you please provide some more information on where to purchase the kit? Thanks:)
Box-E - the seats look great. Are these leather seat covers compatible with the seat side airbags? your leather covers seem to have the "airbag" tag on the side, but I couldn't be sure.

Where on ebay did you find these, how much were they, and how long did it take you to install them?

Adding honda pilot "bun warmers" with these seat covers would make the E a perfect vehicle.
Probably these guys. One shown is different trim, but looks like you can special order it how you want. Not bad for $700.
Boy if I had $700 sitting around!! That really does richen up the Box's interior.

....I've talked to an upholsterer about adding padding, short response is that it's a finicky business, says people have come to him w/ requests to "edit" the seats in their car and usually after 2-3 tries it still isn't quite what they wanted. Bottom line is that everyone's butt is different and has different preferences repadding may or may not take the good and make it bad Or take the bad and make it good.
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