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So this is my baby. Her name is Ruby, and she's a 08' Element SC with 72,000 miles on her, and a 5A/T transmission. Always thought it was a 4 speed on the A/T but Honda says it's a 5.





I have had plans for a while to upgrade the performance and such. I already installed Enkei EKM3 wheels, and R1 Concepts Carbon Geomet rotors with semi-metallic pads. (Hello brake dust.) As well as the rear lid spoiler, and fog lights.

In the plans in a cold air intake, intake manifold, exhaust, headers, a Limited Slip Differential, strut tower bar, some cosmetic upgrades, and maybe (if I'm insane), a turbo, conrods, crankshaft, and new heads. I'd like to raise redline from 6500 to around 8200 rpm if possible. There is also talk of changing the final drive ratio too.

Crazy stuff but for now I'm starting out with the cheaper basics. Any advice, recommended parts, or things you have done to see an increase in numbers is helpful!

This thread will follow the upgrade process in its entirity, and keep ya'll posted on how it's going.
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