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I've seen a reference or two for Element availibility of COIL-OVERS...What do these puppies really do? Are they used to stiffen the suspension for
increasing the towing capacity??

Do they add a little loft? - And how do they affect the ride, which we mostly agree is already fairly firm and yet thankfully our Elements are still smoothly compliant and somewhat supple.

I have and EX (RealTime-) AWD Automatic and I wonder if the 2WD DX
5-speed manual trans has exactly the same RATED shocks as its heavier,
more Work-profiled AWD - and thus if there's already a little more VEHICHLE HEIGHT from the heavier shock rating for the automatic and/or
the added weight of the 4WD components, or the combo of the two?...In
other words, are the EX's with their greater weight or auto trannies or 4WD's
ALREADY TALLER than the manual/2WD/DX's?

I only gained 3/4" overall by adding 235/70/16's, and it's a fact...YOU CAN'T PUT A TALLER TIRE (than 235-16) ON THE BUGGY, so there's no way to get more loft from the tire &/or wheel side of things...

Do AIRSHOCKS give us the real versatility of offering both a stock ride AND
a Kicked-Up profile with more clearance - at the touch of an on-board button to switch on a hopefully small DC Air Pump (because of the crowded
hood and undercarriage areas) to remotely pump up those AIRSHOCKS?

Keep the shiny side up - tblask galagreenbullpupbeepbeep
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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