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Lights in Grill

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Has anyone tried this type of set up?

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i have some like that they are behind my lower billet grill.
click on my cardomain link

Look left. They are hooked to my high beam (well, the relay for them is). Originally they had blue LED surrounds hooked to the low beam, but they burned out or otherwise quit working.
I did discover, while aligning them on a hot summer night, that if the car isn't moving, and the high beams (so the driving lights are on) the grill starts to melt. They're pretty bright.
nice. i like the look. can you use them or they more for "off-road" application? If it melts, should get a billet grill and then you could grill stuff on it like burger and dogs. good for tailgating.
On road

They are hooked to my high beams, so when I turn on the brights, they are on too. They shoot a beam straight down the road for a long, long way. I drive a deer infested road, often early in the morning or after dark, so they help me spot the horny rodents before I hit them.
A side benefit. If someone leaves their brights on and they are dazzling me, when I give them a flash, they switch to their dims RIGHT NOW. Probably looks like a flash bulb!
Hmm, I didn't think about a billet grill. Good idea!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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