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like an mp3 cd changer?

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An Alpine CHAS-634 mp3/cd changer can be used in the EX Element if a company like Soundgate would make the adapter. Their adapter works for the 03 Accord and 04 TSX, the plugs are the same as for the Element, but the head units are different internally (they say). I've called Soundgate and they "don't have any plans to make an adapter for the Element."

All components would be only a little more than h&a's price for the oem changer. All connections would be plug and play

Interested EX owners might want to contact
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fyi, I hit preview, and it posted. hm... oh well.
I have also contacted Soundgate about an adapter for the E. I am currently using a SNHOND3 from Soundgate in my 2003 Accord (to provide an Aux Input), and it works well.

I have also contacted Blitzsafe regarding a CD Changer adapter for the E, and they believe their current adapter should work, IF the E's bus connector is the same as the 02 Accords - which I believe is unlikely.
Again, from what i can tell no previous Honda adapters are compatible.
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