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[quote:c31d15aef3="isketerol"]Is anyone else finding that the cd loader for the EX is a bit finicky. I usually have to load them twice to get it take it. Am I missing some little trick??[/quote:c31d15aef3]

In the short amount of time I used the factory CD player I never had this issue so I wonder if it's an "over time" type of issue.

I also wonder if you're inserting them at a slight angle - they should be inserted on a perfectly flat plane with the slot of course.

And it might also have something to do with how much force you use when putting the disk in. I have used in dash CD players in the past that display the symptom you describe when pushing in the disk too lightly - it's almost like it did not get enough of a grip on it so it spits it back out.

My suggestion would be to check the things above and if it still happens, bring the car into the deaer - or better yet - to a car audio shop for a brand new head unit. :wink: :D
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