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Locations to camp out of my E in So Cal?

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Hey all, I want to camp out of my E in So Cal. Anyone have ideas? I can rough it with no problem, I just don't want a ton of people there with the same idea, too...and I LOVE trees. If that helps.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

PS: I just realized my kiwi green E looks like a VW Bug if it were the Uncredible Hulk. Heh.:razz:
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I would guess that Forest Service campgrounds are your best bet. But ones close to the cities in So Calif are probably busy through out the summer. The best way to avoid crowds is to go when the crowds don't - i.e. during bad weather.

BLM also operates campgrounds, but in your area they are most likely to be in the desert.

Some FS districts allow 'dispersed' camping, generally any out of the way spot. But check your local districts first. I suspect they aren't as generous with this option.
If you want trees, you pretty much have to travel to the Mountains. Anywhere along the coastal or inland areas will have a few trees (Oak, Sycamore, etc.), but mostly scrub brush and chaparral. Mt. Pinos, north of Los Angeles, has 2 pretty cool camp grounds, Mt. Pinos Campground and McGill Campground. Lots of Pine Trees, and located at about 7,000 feet, so it does not get real hot.

The Forest Service website is down, but here is another link to some real good info:

BTW - the Los Padres National Forest just enacted campfire restrictions. You ca still have a fire in a fire ring inside a developed campground, but NOTHING outside of that. It will only take 1 good fire to change that to NO FIRES, even in developed campsites. Happens every year around July / August. It just gets to dry, and we get a lot of forest fires up there.

Good luck!
Check out

anza borrego state park, east of San Diego. Beautiful and parts are very remote
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