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Locking Gas Cap

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Anyone get their "Locking Gas Cap" re-keyed to fit the ignition key :?: If so, how much and where :?: I was told by a locksmith that a "Honda Sidewinder Kit" was needed and no one around here has one. Plus, the guy told me it would cost "under a $100"...seems expensive.
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Where can I get a locking gas cap?
I really need one please help.
Yesterday I dropped my gas key at the station. I said to myself, I'm glad it's not the ignition key, since that has a chip :lol:

It's easier to operate the gas key without being on a chain with all you other keys, leave them in the ignition.

If you go to full service, you'll also appreciate not handing the attendant all your keys, but then again you could potentially drive off without the gas key.

I keep the gas cap key in the change bin in the car... if someone's breaks into the car I'm sure they are not looking for the gas key.
Express Element, After failing to find a local locksmith that had even seen an Element lazer key, I took Tblask's advice and shipped my gas cap to Katy at ABC Locksmith, 3410 18th St. San Francisco, CA 94110, (415) 864 1124. Katie was very prompt, I think it was $18.50 plus postage. She told me that she will be happy to accept rekeying by mail. She needs an ignition key (valet is ok), and I made it more difficult by failing to send one of the new gas cap keys, she would also like one sent. She called me for a credit card number when the work was finished and ready to mail back. joel
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