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if you live near Buena Park, in SoCal, this just may be your lucky break!

I found a great mechanic that is fully Honda trained and certified...

He has been through the Honda-Apprenticeship and has all the Honda Certs.

He has fixed my ’91 Accord’s brakes and is currently doing all kinds of stuff to the Odyssey…

(I provided all parts but the filters and fluids…) $400.--

• Timing belt (replace)
• Water pump (replace)
• Engine front seals (replace)
• Rear drums (replace)
• Rear break pads (replace)
• Rear shocks (replace)
• Transmission cooler (new install)
• Power steering cooler (new install)
• Oil change and all filters (replace)

He will do work at your house / driveway or his depending on what needs to be done.

His name is Trevor Lake @ 714.292.2005.
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