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Looking for suggestions for a smoother ride

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Hello Everyone. :taz:

I recently purchased a 2004 Element and I'm really loving it.

I plan to do some upgrades to it , maybe a cold air intake , performance exhaust , rims , and some audio upgrades , but for now I want to fix the bumpey ride. I've read acouple of threads , where ppl were complaining about rear struts leaking. This sounds like the problem I am having bc the front end bounces much less than the back end. A mechanicly inclined friend is coming over this weekend to take a look at them and tell me if they are.

My question is , what should I replace them with?
Should I stick with factory? or go aftermarket?
And if I replace the rear struts , does that mean I have to do the front as well?

I have about $1000 , but I'd like to keep it below $500 if possible. This is for parts only , my buddy can install them for me.
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