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Ok we've got three E's helping with this transport which is awesome!! If you are in VA and can help please contact Liz below(this is not me Liz though it's another Liz just in case you were confused Just let her know you are from the Element owner's forum These are two Cane Corso's that are going to be our foster "babies"! Meet Mr. Big aka Duke and Tiny!

Frederick, MD – Strasburg, VA 68.5 miles; 1 hr, 17min NEED!

Strasburg, VA – Staunton, VA 76 miles; 1 hr, 18min NEED!

Staunton, VA – Lexington, VA 88 miles; 1 hr, 30min FILLED- Thank you Mel!

Roanoke, VA – Wytheville, VA 78 miles; 1 hr, 19 min NEED!

Wytheville, VA- Fall Branch, TN 98 miles, 1hr, 35 min FILLED- Thank you Stephanie!

Fall Branch, TN – Knoxville, TN 85 miles; 1 hr, 18 min NEED!

Knoxville, TN – Cleveland, TN 82 miles; 1hr, 20 min NEED!

Cleveland, TN – Hunstville, AL 133 miles; 2 hrs, 27min FILLED- Thank you Liz (receiving Cane Corso

Sending Rescue: Cane Corso Rescue Inc
Coordinator: Liz Sawyers-Robles
(512) 426 1861; [email protected]


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