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if its from a dealer, better confirm their certified pre owned inspection and other stuff was done. i don't know about getting another extended warranty on it as i haven't bought a second hand car (yet) (see other thread on warranty issues also), but think about it, just to be sure just incase something happens on it anytime (which i think is very rare).
Limited km's does not mean it's a plus as it depends on, for example, what's the frequency of its use (6mos driven, then 6 mos parked?) as having it parked for a long period of time requires a special ritual before putting it into a storage or garage. my concern is that that E you're looking at may be parked for a period of time sometimes or once in a while that proper storing mantenance may not be applied, as you've mentioned that the previous owners were probably snowbirds and use the E occasionally. that's the reason why i'm insisting that the 'certified pre owned' or proper inspection be conditional prior to sale.
our situation differ as our work was within a 7km radius that's why we just have 35k on our E despite being 3 years old already so the daily usage is there. you can read quiksilver's reply to your thread about using the car sparingly.

regarding the issue of 4WD and auto trans, i guess there's a (neverending) thread about those issues. i'll just skirt that as we just have FWD manual and finding no issues with it.

the price is a bit high for that age, i've seen lower E prices here in our area for that age, but as mentioned, the low kms is the dealer's ace.

in summary, if you're really into the E, go for it. :)

i can offer you mine, but i don't know if you'll like manual!:D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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