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Lost torque, especially uphill

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I've lost a good bit of power in my E in the past week or so. It's a 2003 w/t manual transmission. It shifts fine, but it sounds like it takes the engine longer to "rev up" to optimum speed once I shift gears. This seems much worst going uphill. The engine sounds fine, just working harder, because I end up giving it more gas to get around. Could this be a timing chain problem, or possibly just need a tune-up?:confused:
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When you say it takes time to "rev up" do you mean the speed of the engine (rpm) or the speed of the vehicle (mph)? Does the engine bog when you are going uphill or does the engine rev high and then slow down while the car increases speed?
When I say "rev up", the rpms go up as it should, but the speed of the vehicle does not increase as it should, which is what makes me think there could be slippage in the belt/chain. When I go uphill, it takes more rpm as it usually would, and the speed goes up. just not as fast as it should.
...And three makes it true.:D
Thanks guys... I guess I'll bring it in.:-(
It does sound like the clutch especially when you are in a higher gear and step on the gas and the engine RPM goes up but the car doesn't go any faster. How many miles. Need to fill out your location.
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